We actually get the question, “what is farmhouse decor?” fairly regularly, and I suppose - at the end of the day - it is a little like art. Farmhouse decor at its most basic is, naturally, the furniture, accessories, kitchenware, wall art, planters, blinds, and so on and so on, which you have in your home that are reminiscent of a farmhouse, at least in terms of their style and appearance.

Typically appearing somewhat rustic, vintage, or antique in character, comprised of wood, leather, rough stone, burlap, cotton, or similar “rougher” fabrics and textiles, occasionally distressed (aka “aged”), with stylized contours or accents, and characters, symbols, or figures which remind one of being “at the farm.”

In a sense, Farmhouse Decor is an incredibly individual and regional thing. A farmhouse in Alaska, Montana, or Wyoming, for example, possesses a significantly different character than a farmhouse in Texas, or Arizona, or South Carolina, or California, or New England. Not to forget our European friends, Farmhouses in the UK are of yet another character, entirely (think rough stone walls and thatched roofs), and French farmhouse style is almost another character which stands as its own unique niche within the Farmhouse decor market.

So Farmhouse Decor really is like art: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What constitutes a farmhouse look for one isn’t considered “farmhouse” at all for others. So what’s a person to do?

Start with the basics - have a look through Google Images or industry publications like Modern Farmhouse Style, New Farmhouse Style, Southern Living, Farmhouse Revival, Rustic Elegance, Farm & Ranch Living… well, you get the idea and there are plenty of publications out there, believe me.

Get a feel for what speaks to you about farms and farmhouses, and what fits your own preference and style. Then start out by looking for furniture, decor, accessories, kitchenware, etc., which match your idea for what a farmhouse is, and start putting your own farmhouse look together!

Stop by Anja’s Attic and have a look, as we’ve pulled together items from all over the design spectrum, and even have some transitional and industrial styled items because - in our conception of what a modern farmhouse would or could look like - they fit in just fine!