Small, handcrafted farmhouse chic natural wooden chest

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Pretty sure my grandfather has a few of these sitting out in the tractor shed! 

This farmhouse wooden chest is just what you'd expect to find in the garden or wood shed, but also looks great on the buffet, dining room table, or on the mantle in the living room. (We're sure you can come up with plenty of additional uses in places like bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on - so go for it!) The box is finished in its original, natural wood, and can be used to hold just about anything that fits. A great display box for a farmhouse look.

The farmhouse wooden chest is 35cm long, 17cm wide, and 15.5cm high (13.7"L x 6.7"W x 6.1"H).

* Manufactured in and shipping from China. Shipping time is between 21-30 days.



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